MCMLXVI, A/V creative tech freedom writer sysadmin infosec auditor climate researcher hacker dad.

My first camera was an AGFAMATIC 2000 Pocket, somewhere in the 1970s. Then I often used a Pentax camera from my cousin Hens' father. Lots of videocameras, like the Sony Hi8 one, and, well, a long history of camera and video hardware. Now I'm doing it all digital, and recently converted to Micro4-3rd lenses and cams. And by the way, my Samsung Note 4 has a pretty good camera too, considering its size and optics.

I strive to make photos nobody else makes, annoyed as I am with the billions of photographers out there, so I try and look for extraordinary situations or corners or subjects or surroundings or circumstances, then find out ways to document them.