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Grandpa Thyssen radio-chamber ~1963JTHZ in 1969electown 1978 (Julius' first own cassetterecorder)Groningen studio Uranusstraat 1979Oldenzaal_zandhorstln1980 (first reel2reel at the left..)Oldenzaal studio Zandhorstlaan 1981KingKong uitgeraasd 19821985 DJ-ing with the Grandpa-Grandma-rapGrandparents laughing about our Opa-Oma rap project..Oldenzaal 1985Oldenzaal 1985NOS_pass for muziekpaviljoen H'sum 3, 1987JT & HZ in Francefubarsummer 1988disteq used for all 1988 projectssoldering stuff in 1989JTHZ as the Blues Brothers, 1990JT in Off The Block studio 901HZ & JT at the Firato..